Things Which Indicate that Your Mobile Phone Needs Repairing

Now a day’s mobile phones are pretty much expensive. No one likes faulty mobile phones. All phones are manufactured with different elements for the touch sensing components called digitizer or actual LCD/ OLED screen. When you are spending more or less time on a device, you need that gadget to keep functioning properly.Read More »


Procedure Followed by the Experts for iPhone Water Damage Repair

Is your mobile phone is dropped into the water? Water damage is one of the most difficult problems to repair. In simple terms when liquid gets into the iPhone it causes corrosion and oxidation. This corrosion causes cracks the area where current electricity flow. This will cause short out and effectively destroy the motherboard. If you are facing such kind of problem with you cell phone then you will get best and Cheap Iphone repair services in Melbourne.

Here the following steps that every technician or professional must follow:

Step 1: Visual inspection

First, experts access visible external Damage. They must check if there is liquid between the LCD and the touch screen. If there is water build up between those then there is a great chance of damage.

Step 2: Disable all connections

Next, they disassemble all parts of the phone that are connected with the current flow. Switch off; Remove battery, SIM cards, and memory cards, Remove screen as well as accessories. Connectors and cables may become sticky, bonding with other parts of the phone. Then remove all internal connectors carefully like LCD, digitizer, proximity, Front/rear camera, and power flex connectors.

Step 3: Remove the battery and charging port connector

The technician carefully removes the battery and charging port plate. All these ports are removing by the plastic tool to make sure that you don’t destroy any connectors on the motherboard.

Step 4: Remove Mother Board

The motherboard can only be extracted by four screws. Professionals removing first four screws carefully and lift the motherboard out.

Step 5: Chemical clean

To remove any liquid substance from the surface of the motherboard, a deep chemical cleaning is required. Professionals will be clean the motherboard with the help of ultrasonic cleanser. This is called a chemical bath. The main purpose of cleaning motherboard is to remove Initial corrosion because; it will damage your mobile phone.

Step 6: Drying the Device Component

After the Cleansing process, Motherboard needs to dry with the help of a hot plate. Technicians will reassemble the water Damage iPhone. All ports and connectors are fixed on correct place.

Step 7: Testing the Device

After stripped down, clean, dried and put back together again your device. The technicians test all ports of your mobile phone are working properly or not. This includes Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, Network connection, speaker, proximity sensor, rear-front camera, charging port, Microphone, Digitizer sensitivity, GPS, etc.

Top 7 Interesting facts you have to know about garage floor coating

Is your garage floor is dingy, dirty and stained?

If yes, then don’t worry you can give your garage floors a good workout and keep them a lustrous and shiny new look with the help of coating.

Garage floor coatings in New Jersey, Coating is a tough, long-lasting material that is applied to your concrete garage floor. Epoxy is a resin that is made of hardeners and design to enhance the durability of the floor. The epoxy flooring is chemical resistant or heat resistant but the floor coating is indeed abrasion resistant, UV protected and impact resistant too. That makes your garage look great and stunning all year round.
Garage Floor Coatings New Jersey.png

Learn more by reading these interesting facts about garage floor coating

Garage Floor Coating can be installed on different surfaces

Garage floor coating can be installed easily on all types of surface. This includes steel, metal, concrete and other types of substrate.

Garage Floor coating can withstand practically anything

If you need heavy-duty floor then garage floor coating is the right choice for you. The coating creates a highly durable surface on the floor. It can easily handle heavy traffic and machinery. So, it can be the perfect flooring for the garage.

Floor coating creates a safer environment in your garage

Garage Floor coatings will create a non-slip surface. This will reduce the chances of an accident in your garage. It is also heat resistance which will provide you an extra layer of protection in the work area.

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Easy to maintain

There is no need to waste your time to maintain the floor. Smooth and shiny floor coatings are incredibly easy to clean. Your floor will never look dirty and damages.

Floor coatings come in many colors

There are dozens of color options are available in floor coatings. Colors are available in a variety of solid colors like tan, grey, black, white, orange, blue, etc. You will be able to choose the color you want with a beautiful, shiny and glossy finish.

The coating is the smart choice for the garage floor. It looks great and withstands with heavy machines and easy to clean within affordable prices.

How to fix it when your Cell Phone Speaker is not Working?

Is your cell Phone Speaker Not Working? There could be several reasons it might be volume setting, faulty speaker, wires, broken broads and other internal issues. Problems with sound could be caused by multiple parts of your phone.

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Let’s discuss some facts about how to repair cell phone speaker in Saskatoon

Step 1: Identify the issue

If your cell phone speakers are not working properly, then first, you have to check where problem is coming from; you need to run a device diagnostic test. This will verify if the issue is on the hardware and software. Then try to fix it.

Step 2: See if your headset is causing the issue

Remove all the accessories that you are using with your cell phone, including Bluetooth, headphones and turn off the Bluetooth on your cell phone.

Place a call or leave a voice message on your voice mail to do sound test.

Check your voicemail message, if you can hear the message loud and clear, then there is no issue in your mobile phone. If you can’t hear the sound clearly then you should need to fix the speaker issue.

Step 3: Test all external speakers of your cell phone

Make a test of video clip using your phone camera to see if the speaker not working any issue persists only during phone calls.

Play back the recording on your external speakers to find out the issue.

If you hear the sound clearly, then your speakers are fine there is no issue in it. So, there’s probably an issue with your phone software or cellular network.

Step 4: Speakers are covered with junk

Inspect the speaker on your cell phone. Is there is dust or lint stuck to the speaker port. If yes, then clean this with a paper clip, toothpick or safety pin carefully. Because all these dust particles could be physically blocking the speakers from emitting sound waves. Moreover, you can also try cleaning the outer grill of the speakers.

Step 5: Is your mobile phone show the headphones plug in

When you are plug in the headphones, most phones do indicate the notification. If your cell phone shows the headphone plug in notification without any connection then there is a problem in with your headset port.

Features You Must Know About Las Vegas Party Bus Tours

Do you want to make your holidays memorable and fun? But you are worried about the whole budget and a limousine for your vacations. These all are considered as secondary things. You should not worry when you have Las Vegas Party Bus Tours. As they are known for providing the best services within your budget. These professionals will always make your vacations rememberable and fun.


Latest Features:

  • Booming Sound systems with multiple subwoofers.
  • Multiple bars and cooler with custom granite countertops
  • Plenty of flat-screen TV and DVD players.
  • Color changing Lightening Features.
  • Custom leather seating.
  • Hardwood Flooring.
  • Tinted Window for privacy.
  • Cup Holder behind Seats.
  • Chrome stripper poles.
  • CD/iPod capabilities.
  • Professionals Chauffeur.
  • Chrome finishing Dance poles

Las Vegas Party Bus Tour.jpg

Why you need to hire a Limousine for making your trip tension free?

Hassle-free driving

Nowadays due to heavy traffic on highways and streets, driving can really be stressful. You can avoid the hassle of driving and parking by hiring a limousine.  Moreover, the limousine will offer you calm and a peaceful trip.


A limo with a chauffeur will provide you with every facility. The interior of a limo is well furnished and is very elegant. Moreover, you will be provided with ample place for relaxing and keeping your luggage.

Complimentary photography and champagne

Most of the well-known Limousine companies offer complimentary photography so that you can capture each and every moment. Moreover, they also offer you a bottle of champagne. So, now you just need to sit and enjoy your holidays.


If you are thinking that traveling in such a luxurious car can break your bank then you are extremely wrong. It is very affordable.

Save Money and Time

Limousine services may help you in saving money and time. As public transportation and buses are unreliable modes of transportation that may cost you significant business chances and deals.

Enjoy Amazing Time with your guests

A limousine is equipped with latest features and technologies that ensure that everyone enjoys their time. Moreover, Air conditioning, heating, a tinned private window are several luxury conveniences are also included in this bus.

Amazing Memories

It is all about creating good memories that stay in the mind of guests for a long time. You must always hire limousine services if you want to have great memories.

People who are looking for these types of services may visit our website. We promise that we will make your trip more adorable and enjoyable.

How Would you Choose a Hair Styling Product According to Your Needs?

Hair is considered as the most unique, and an expressive part of your body. Everyone desires to have shiny and bouncy hair. Moreover, my salon will provide you with the best hair styling products in Australia.

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How to Diagnose and Fix an Overheating Laptop

Is your laptop not working properly?

Laptops are amazing devices because they are compact, portable and can do everything. More peoples are opting for laptops because they are easy to carry around. Overheating is one of the common issues that are found in laptops. Sometimes, laptops may get overheated due to internal hardware problems. Moreover, if you are not taking care of your laptop properly, this is one of the reasons.Read More »